Art Auction and Raffle

Welcome to PPA’s special art auction and raffle. This was a fund raising activity by our Board of Trustees and our officers. We are pleased to to present to the you the artworks for the auction and would like to thank all those who joined the raffle and have helped raise funds for the artists associatiton.

Thank you to all our friends who join the raffle and won the auction

Board of Trustee’s Collection for the PPA Special Auction of 2020

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Get to Know the Artists

Salvador Convocar, Chairman – Board of Trustees

Before pursuing a full-time career in painting, Buds spent his early years in the academe handling subjects such as Design, Illustration, Typography, Painting, Cartooning and a variety of other art subjects. Cumulatively he spent almost 30 years of teaching experience in University of the East, St. Scholastica, FEU, and the College of St. Benilde- La Salle.

Much respected in the pastel community of artists, ‘Sir Buds’ is popularly known for his distinct mixed media artworks. He has had participated in exhibits here and abroad particularly in the United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Brazil. His participation in local (Philippines) exhibitions are too many to mention.

“In my entire practice as a visual artist, I have always been interested in exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials in order to come up with works that I can call my own. As I apply this practice, in my entire career as an artist, I was able to produce works that are distinctively mine. I’m also an avid art fan. I genuinely admire great art & great artists. I will never deny the fact that I’m inspired by so many talented artists even up to now and some of them have strong influences on me. Ever since I ventured into art, I have always admired modern ideas & concepts of art mavericks and I try to interpret these ideas to make them my own.”

“Make Zen”, 2018

Julius S. Legaspi, Member – Board of Trustees

Born to a goldsmith in Marilao, Julius started to draw at eight years old, capturing the likeness of Filipino heroes in school posters. Having shown such early promise, when he turned 11 years old, his mother, encouraged his tutelage under Mr. Fernando B. Sena, known father of Philippine art workshops. His fascination with soft pastel began in these workshops and eventually lead to Mr. Sena offering Julius a continuing, indefinite scholarship to his workshops until he gained entry into the University of the Philippines’ College of Fine Arts (UPCFA) in 1993. 

Julius teaches color harmony in a highly unintuitive way putting together alternate warm and cool colors and making the underpainting that of the complementary color. This technique makes the painting ‘vibrate’.

The excitement brought by the push and pull of opposing tendencies translates to his art, and his choices. Mr. Legaspi emulates both the radical abstraction of Roberto Chabet and the ceremonious still life of Fernando Sena, making his pieces intriguing, if not unique.

“In my entire practice as a visual artist, I have always been Unafraid of change, Julius has not allowed himself to be identified with a singular style. “One needs to evolve,” he said. “An artist should actively search for inspiration and not to just wait for it to come. “It is a statement that rings of maturity and experience. Grabbing the energy from experiences that evoke strong emotions have led him to his best art work.

“Untitled”, 2016

“Chinatown” , 2016

Alvin Montano, Member – Board of Trustees

Alvin finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts Major in Painting from the University of the Philippines in 1994. However, right after college he was diverted to other fields and became a restaurateur, set and graphics designer and currently in the medical field of Emergency Medical Services. 

Despite of the years of absence in the Art mainstream, the artistic blood still flows into his veins and the craving to paint again came to a reality in 2012. After series of practice to redeem himself as an artist, by 2013 Alvin posted through the use of Social Media his series of masterfully crafted live portrait and figure artworks next to his still life and landscape paintings. He became active in numerous online Art Groups and participated in various activities from competitions to art exhibits.

He is a Board of Trustees of Philippine Pastel Artists, Inc., a Director of Portrait Artists’ Society of the Philippines – Manila Chapter and a member of Filipino Portrait Artists Guild

Currently, Alvin is the President of Community Health Education Emergency Rescue Services (CHEERS) Corporation, a Training Institution for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care Courses and Emergency Medical Services. He also conducts training for DOLE-BWC Safety Officer 1 and 2. He resides in South Triangle, Quezon City.

“Marie on Silong sa Ganding”, 2020

Celeste Lecaroz – Aceron, Member – Board of Trustees

Full-time professional artist Celeste Lecaroz was a former researcher and news anchor. Since her art debut in 2016, she has become prolific — creating large-scale works, mounting solo exhibits and taking part in major group shows. In 2019, her output reached over 125 works in pastel and spontaneous realism.     

The advocacy to make art accessible and relevant has led Lecaroz to share her works to the public. She has released the copyright of her individual paintings of President Manuel L. Quezon and President Corazon Aquino, and the Kobe Bryant “Mamba Forever” portrait that went viral. She also created a “Sisterhood” series—images of turn-of-the-century Filipinas—for footwear brand Aesca; and the “Kalachuchi Walk” paintings that were used as designs for scarves and novelty items for her high school batch’s fundraising initiatives.   

Through art, Lecaroz offers perspectives of the human condition and emotion. With spontaneous realism, she produces striking acrylic works that urge the viewer to look closer and pause for reflection; whereas with pastel, she is drawn to realism to cast light on subjects in various shades. Upon seeing Lecaroz’s works at the 2019 Pastel Puro duo exhibit with Gary Carabio, critic Cid Reyes praised her skill saying, “Lecaroz is able to summon a kind of ‘painterliness’ in the use of her pastel sticks, the strokes loosely but densely applied, an almost impressionistic expressiveness of broken color, revealing the real nature of the medium…”

“Absolutely nothing else matters except this compelling need to create with my hands.”

pastel Puro

“Esperanza”, 2019

Phoebe Beltran – Almazan, Member – Board of Trustees

Phoebe has been an art teacher and a freelance designer since 2002. Her works have been influenced by her training and experiences as an interior design graduate from the University of the Philippines. Her work mostly includes silhouettes, landscapes, and representations of organic forms or patterns, as well as scenes of everyday life. Her works have been featured in both local and international exhibitions.

She is a founding officer and Board member of Philippine Pastel Artists Inc. (PPA Inc.), the founding president of ART Ventures and Advocacy Network (ARTVAN), a member of Philippine Art Educators Association (PAEA), Kababaihan sa Sining at Bagong Sibol na Kamalayan (Kasibulan),  Philippine Fauna Art Society (PhilFAS), and Philippine Botanical Art Society (PhilBAS). 

Aside from involvement in art organizations, Phoebe also serves the art community in different capacities, as educator, advocate, researcher, teacher trainer, textbook writer, and consultant to various institutions. Her active involvement has further earned her a Metrobank Grant, a Gawad Gandingan Award for her personal and professional contributions, and Gawad Saluysoy for ARTVAN from PAEA.  She is presently an Art Education professor at the College of Education, University of the Philippines, Diliman.

“Bigay Buhay 1”, 2017

Grandier Gil C. Bella, Member – Board of Trustees

Grandier earned his degree in Fine Arts, Painting at the University of the Philippines in 1993. Graduating cum laude, he focused his efforts in studying the classical painting techniques espoused by Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Da Vinci.  Bella’s works are recognized for his deft handling of color with meticulous brush rendering and extraordinary attention to detail. Often combining strong hues with complementing color schemes, Bella confidently exhibits his comprehensive understanding of the various nuances of his subjects both in life drawing sessions and in his studio works. 

Tackling a variety of genres in oils and pastels, his artworks have been published in International Artist Magazine and Pastel Journal Magazine. He was also a recipient of several awards in both local and international art competitions. Works by Bella have been exhibited in galleries in the Philippines, Denmark, Dubai, and the USA. He is affiliated with Philippine Pastel Artists, Artalyer Workshop and Studio, Filipino Portrait Artists Guild, and a faculty lecturer at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.

pastel Puro

“Trentay Siete Kabayan”, 2020

Roland Castro, Member – Board of Trustees

Roland showed the love and interest in art since childhood. In 1987, he enhanced his skills through mentorship from Marcus Yumul, a well-known artist from Tarlac. He also became an apprentice of Frank Manalili, another popular artist from Pampangga, and have work abroad as mural artist and interior designer from 2000-2003. 

Roland is a business owner and self-taught artist whose passion for art is expressed through an impressionist style in his paintings. As a freelance artist he is versed in different mediums such as oil paint, acrylic, gouache, pastel and watercolor.  He is a Board of Trustees of Philippine Pastel Artists, Inc., a Director of Portrait Artists’ Society of the Philippines – Manila Chapter and a member of Filipino Portrait Artists Guild

As an impressionist artist, his favorite subjects are portraits, landscapes, still-life, figurative and cultural concepts. Notable in his works is the dramatic effect that comes from his applications of color and his play of lights on the objects in the composition. In his work, he aims to produce a sense of awe and wonder inherited from the natural world. He believes that visual art is the most effective way of linking the past to the present and the future.  The simplest way of narrating a story of the genre.

“Countryside”, 2017

Glenn E. Perez, PPA President

Glenn is a Mechanical Engineering and Business Management graduate. But while working as a full-time employee from 1998 to the present, he continues to explore his passion in art using different art mediums and joined several art groups to learn different techniques.  As an artist who loves both drawing and painting, pastel became the most appealing to use and explore. Glenn style is realism and abstract and his works have been awarded in both local and international exhibits. 

He is fascinated with the brilliance, vibrance, radiance, freshness and the natural appearance of the pigments. Since pastel stick is a dry medium, it offers him the convenience of having no solvent to mix, no brushes and palette to mess, and define a color palette without having to remix colors every time he works on a piece.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

pastel Puro

“Maestro”, 2020

Iris Babao – Uy, PPA External Vice-President

Iris holds a Degree in Music (Piano Major) from UP Diliman but is just as talented a painter as she is a musician. Both a watercolor and a pastel artist, she is also a popular instructor for workshops in watercolor, pastels and specialized arts & crafts. 

“I have only recently immersed myself in art and painting. Soft pastel was a treasured discovery for me through PPA. The officers and the supportive community of artists paved the way for me to learn more about this medium. I can only hope to be able to give back to the community as an officer for 2020. May we all help to contribute to the growth of pastel and the Filipino pastel artist. As we say in PPA, tara mag pastel tayo!.” 

“Pieces from Home”, 2019

Tessa Punzalan – Brodeth, PPA Internal Vice-President 

Tessa is a Cum Laude graduate of Fine Arts from Up Diliman and has worked as a graphic artist. Oil is her main medium but has recently discovered the worlds of pastel and watercolor. She is drawn to works by the old masters, impressionism, and modern art. 

After briefly landing a job as a graphic artist, art took a back seat to other careers and marriage. She has traveled the world and raised four wonderful children in that long hiatus. Tessa now returns to her artistic roots, sparked when two of her paintings were sold at auction. She has since joined art workshops and group exhibits. She won a couple of competitions and is proudest of her third-place finish at the 2019 national competition hosted by the Philippine Pastel Artists. 

On her philosophy about art, she quotes Robert Raushenberger, “The artist’s job to be a witness to his time in history.”

pastel Puro

“Blues, Whites and Oranges”, 2019

Rosanne Hugo, PPA Treasurer

Rosanne is an AB Communications Graduate from Assumption College and is an event management specialist who has put together countless musical performances from the country’s top singers and musicians. Her love for music is equaled by her love for the visual arts and can be seen through her watercolor and pastel paintings.  Her artworks shows a distinct style using bold colors that stimulate familiar emotions one can recognize like an old familiar song playing in the background when looking at her paintings. 

“I was introduced to soft pastels only about 3 years ago and I was instantly in love. I continue to study the medium as I know there is so much more to learn. PPA has helped me grow as a pastelist and I am happy to say that I am here to give back and serve PPA the best I can.” 

“Highways of My Life”, 2019

Nell Belgado, PPA Secretary 

Nell is a management consultant with a Business Degree from Ateneo de Manila, she pursued Textile Design right after college from Parson’s School of Design in New York in ’96. She has worked in apparel companies of international brands working in both design and marketing in the companies during the beginning of her career. She is both a pastel and a watercolor artist. She applies an impressionist style in her work in landscape and still life. 

“I’ve been enjoying the pastels since I was a teenager, but it is only through PPA and our activities that I’ve seriously focused on this medium. I hope to push myself, innovate and become a better artist through this medium with the support of PPA. Isang karangalan ang maging officer nang PPA, sana ay supportahan nyo ang PPA.”

pastel Puro

“Dayspring”, 2019

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