2021 National Pastel Competition

The PPA is proud to present the Semi-finalists of the 2021 National Pastel Competition

Artist’s names are withheld until the judging event has finished

The paintings are arranged in no particular order

(Artist Name)
Little Pockets of Hope
18” x 24”
Pastel on Sanded Paper

I’m always fascinated by rocks. Its texture, size, and color – creating abstract art. I chose the title because even though the road to life sometimes feels rocky, there are always opportunities if we just learn how to look around.

(Artist Name)
Faith Like a Child
19.75” x 25.5”
Pastel on Paper

Sickness, wars, loss of jobs, loss of lives, undergoing trials, questions, where is God in all of these? We often feel weak and distressed when enduring hardships, and even lose faith in God. Children will believe what you tell them to be true because you tell them it is so. They are naturally faith-filled. They believe without any convincing to do so. God wants us to reacquaint ourselves with that natural faith.

(Artist Name)
Ang Huling Kalansing
18″ x  24″
Pastel on Canson Mi-Tientes

Mahirap ang buhay ngayon at kailangang mag-ipon.
Ngunit kadalasan naguumpisa ka palang magipon
nakukuha mo ng lahat pandagdag sa pambayad
ng mga bayarin at gastusin.

Dama ko ang sitwasyong dulot
ng pandemya dahil mismo itong larawan na ito ay kuha
mula sa aking maybahay. Totoong eksena ng buhay,
hindi scripted at may kirot sa puso
ng mga huling kalansing ng mga baryang ito.
Mga baryang gumigising sa realidad ng buhay.
Ang huling kalansing ay aking napansin at ginawa kong sining.

(Artist Name)
Bakasyon sa Nayon
24.5” x 18.5”
Pastel on Canson Mi-Tientes

Ang kinasasabikan ng lahat ng mga bata man o matanda man, ang mka uwi o bakasyon sa kanilang mga probinsya o sa nayon. 

Makikita mo ang saya at sabik sa mga mata ng mga bata kapag na sa bakasyon na dahil sa marami silang bagong maranasan. Ganun din sa mga magulang nila na mka uwi rin sa kanilang sinilangan

Dahil sa hindi pa matapos tapos ang pandemya, minsan  ina- alala nlng ang huling bakasyon sa nayon, na sanay taon taong gna gawa o mas marami pa sa isang taon.

Balang araw magawa na rin  ang inaasam nang walang pangamba dulot ng pandemya, ang Bakasyon sa Nayon.

(Artist Name)
 Hindi Nababawasan Ang Halaga
20” x 26”
Oil Pastel On Crumpled Paper

Kalakip ng obrang ito ang kakaiba at sinadyang proseso at konsepto upang mas mapalakas ang mensaheng nais ipahiwatig. Malikhaing paglalahad at panghihikayat ito sa bawat isa na kailanman at kahit anung mangyari ay hindi nababawasan ang halaga ng tao o bagay. Baliktarin,gusutin o apak apakan man ng iba, maraming pinapag daanan sa buhay o sari-saring opinyon ng iba ay hindi mababawasan ang halaga kung lubos na kilala ang sarili at buo ang  pagkatao. Hindi nababawasan ang halaga kung papahalagahan ang mga bagay na hindi nakikita katulad ng pangarap, pag ibig at pag asa.

(Artist Name)
Hating Kapatid
18” x 24”
Soft Pastels on Canson Mi-Teintes

“Hating Kapatid” ang laging sinasabi ng mga matatanda kapag kailangan mong ibahagi ang iyong pagkain o ano mang bagay sa iba. Hinahati-hati ang mga ito para ang lahat ay mabigyan. Sa panahon ngayong may pandemiya kung saan marami ang nawalan ng mapagkukunan ng pantawid buhay ay marapat lamang na makapagbahagi tayo para sa ating mga kapatid.

(Artist Name)
When Love Blooms
19.75” x 25.5”
Oil Pastel

My artwork entitled ‘When Love Blooms’ aims to show that love symbolised by flowers can bloom even during dark times. Let us treasure our flowers in life and be grateful for the source of our blooms. May this art piece bring Love and gratitude amongst us.

(Artist Name)
IHA sa AHEDRES (Girl on Chess)
18” x 26”
Soft Pastel on UART 600 grit

Usually a game played mostly by males and (our lolo in parks every Sunday), females ware now enjoying this game of strategy that our Sultan’s have played years back in our history. Never thought my daughters would play this and it is an advantage that there are things we can do aside from surfing the net. Games are more enjoyable playing with others. That’s why I always tell them to play together, if there’s a chance, so they can build a great relationship with each other and cutting-off depression that most kids these days are experiencing. Somehow, these will encourage parents to teach their kids that life also exists outside the internet.

(Artist Name)
24” x 18”
Soft Pastel on UART 600 grit

When I saw this puppy of my cousin, I had the urge to take his photo for future reference. He looks so happy as if he is smiling at me. I knew  that Coco would be one of my future subjects. So when Tessa reminded me to join PPA I knew Coco is my entry piece.

(Artist Name)
Unang Leksyon
19” x 25”
Pastel on Sanded Paper

With cats at home, life is never boring. However, still life set-up is also almost impossible. The moment captured in the artwork was taken while in an attempt to collect reference photos using the scrap ribbons. I was enthralled by the light shining through the window, bathing the room with amazing colors. Then one of the kittens shows interest and hesitation on the objects spread on the kitchen floor. I watched as the mama cat demonstrated that ribbons are harmless and encouraged it to play. The scene was so adorable that I want to immortalize it in a painting.  

For every child, even for cats, the mother is indeed the first teacher. They are protective but she gives us confidence to explore the world on our own. I hope that whoever looks at this picture will not only appreciate the colors but also be reminded of our first lessons from our first teachers, our mothers.

(Artist Name)
Bilao ni Tatay
24” x 18”
Soft Pastel on Lana paper

Tatang is a farmer but also spends his time weaving “bilao”. After doing his morning chores, he would go home immediately, rest and start weaving bilao. Since Tatang was young, he was trained to learn to weave “bilao” where this art has always been an element of traditional lifestyles.  Tatang takes more time to prepare the materials, using  knives to split the bamboo stalks into dozens of different sizes and finely smoothened strips. He believes that weaving “bilao” is one of his essential incomes that could provide cash to buy necessities for his family especially during this time of pandemic.  

(Artist Name)
Forgotten Faith in the Garden of Obscurity
19.5” x 25”
Soft Pastel on Canson Mi-Tientes Paper

Being in touch with God on whatever religion people are into practicing are declining these days, because of being too busy in this fast changing, complicated modern society, like how the whole world went and got itself in a big hurry. In this artwork. The angel symbolizes faith and spirituality, getting hidden in the garden of beautiful plants that made the angel obscured. Until people fall into difficult times and start to get in touch again to their spirituality and seek guidance, their faith will remain hidden into their inner garden of obscurity.  

(Artist Name)
Count Your Blessings
25” x 19”
Pastel on sanded paper

We are all blessed. The difference lies in how we count, in what we want, and our sense of gratitude.

(Artist Name)
24” x 18”
Soft Pastel

Metanoia is a Latin word that means “change of heart” or spiritual conversion. I painted this artwork based on my realizations about this recent pandemic event, wherein many people have also been affected and changed their personal views in life. I see that our emotional health must come first before anything else, and it is genuinely a massive impact in our daily lives and even in the success that we are aiming for as goal-oriented beings. Materialistic things themselves aren’t enough to help our emotional and spiritual needs leading to confusion about what is necessary.

(Artist Name)
A Beautiful Day in the Garden
19.5” x 25”
Soft Pastel

In this time of the pandemic, we have been confined inside the house. We missed the outdoors, especially doing something ordinary such as walking in the park, experiencing nature or smelling the flowers.  The painting depicts an ordinary day, but is now more meaningful especially when we are once again free to roam the world.

(Artist Name)
Quarantine Buddy
20” x 26”
Soft Pastel on Uart Paper

A great way to overcome any hardships in life is to lean on your loved ones. But the pandemic has made it difficult to be social, and yet, the best and safest thing to do is to stay home and keep our distance from our friends, other people, and even our family. Social distancing may feel isolating and would take a toll on our whole well-being. Good thing that our four-legged buddies are around to keep us company during these trying times.

(Artist Name)
Catch Me If You Can!
24” x 18”
Mix Soft Pastel Paper: Mi Tientes

This scene caught my interest while on a photo shoot on the way to LRT Station from Binondo. I saw a bunch of street kids (mga batang hamog) playing with the splashing water from Carriedo fountain in front of Sta. Cruz Church. The boy is crawling on the act of catching something. I thought of a good idea and subject for a painting so I took several shots of them and composed it with two doves from my archive. The boy is trying to catch two resting doves on the platform of the fountain.

Voila! Catch Me if You Can!

(Artist Name)
Tulog sa araw Gising sa Gabi
20” x 24.5”
Oil Pastel on Paper (Canson mi Teintes)

Oil pastel is my medium of choice since the pandemic began. I have started making drawings of my family and how this pandemic season has turned our world upside down. Like a lot of families, we now sleep in the daytime and are awake at night. We spend our waking moments indoors due to the prohibitions of government authorities.  In this piece, I wanted to show how light can still get indoors when our houses can feel like a prison, and it will be transformed. There can be moments of repose such as this. Light will always be available, like hope, only when we open our eyes and the windows.

(Artist Name)
Patnubay at Gabay
26” X 18”
Soft pastel on Uart600

“Patnubay” represents the Lolo, na tinuturuan nya yung kanyang apo na magpinta sa murang edad, at the same time para mapalapit din sa Diyos as their subject in their painting session. Gabay represents “God” na kung saan, alam naman nating lahat na ‘pag nasa sentro natin ang Panginoon sa ating buhay ay automatic na ang lahat…’ – Hindi po tayo maliligaw ng landas.

(Artist Name)
Amazing Grace
18″ X 24″
Oil Pastel on Canvas

With the ongoing pandemic, the world has become less busy and smaller, confined within the 4 walls of our houses. Pretending to be blind, I played my guitar and started to sing. The line, “I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see” from the song “Amazing Grace” brought tears to my eyes. Looking around, I saw the beauty around me that I had often taken for granted. The chirping of birds, the beauty of the flowers…and the unconditional love and loyalty of my 2 dogs listening to my song. Amazing grace indeed!

(Artist Name)
Good morning Stargazer
18” x 24”
Soft Pastel

I’m using soft pastel on Mi-Tientes paper. Using soft pastel is very hard to use or to apply on paper . You have to use all your fingers to smudge or flatten the soft pastel colors to get a better blending result. It needs very good patience on the part of the artist when using soft pastel. Is not applicable to paint in an upright position because of the residue it produce when applying the pastel on paper. Also not applicable if you have an allergy to dust and have an asthma problem. For a good painting experience you have to do it flat on the working table so you have a full control on color blending and residue it produces when painting. Best is to have a standby or ready vacuum cleaner to get rid of the residue on the side. It took me 8 hours work for 5 days to finish this kind of Stargazer flower painting. I usually do my painting at night till morning. Happy painting everyone.

Competition Guidelines and Requirements


Contest is open to all Filipino Citizen Artists 18 years of age & above. Filipino Citizen Artists working or residing abroad are welcome to join the competition.

Only PPA Members (Associate and Regular) are allowed to enter the competition. To apply for membership please visit our membership page.


 September 19, 2021   11:59 PM (2359H) Philippine time 

Entry Technical Requirements

1. The competition has an “open theme” subject (no theme). The artwork may be expressed using representational and non representational means. Representational depicts recognizable objects or events in the real world, usually easily recognizable. Non-representational is an abstract, nonfigurative, and nonobjective.

2. Only one entry per participant will be accepted.

3. Entries should have been recently painted (Year 2021), unsigned, and have NOT been posted on any social media site. 

4. Entries must have the minimum size of 18 x 24 inches & maximum size of 20 x 26 inches. Sizes in-between the minimum & maximum sizes are acceptable. 

Painting orientation may be in portrait format (vertical) or landscape format (horizontal).

5. Entries must be done in the following media only: hard or soft pastel, pastel pencil, chalk pastel, pan pastel, and oil pastel used on appropriate pastel surfaces such as sanded, boards or paper (e.g. UART, Canson Mi-Teintes, Strathmore Grandee, Fabriano Tiziano, etc.).

6. The work’s final surface should have a minimum coverage of 80% in pastel.

7. Underpainting using watercolor, ink, or any other media aside from pastel is NOT accepted. Experimental media and the use of soot will also NOT be accepted.

8. All entries must be originally rendered in any pastel medium and not applied on top of a base photo, print, collage, or any other special medium. 

10. Entries must be original. Concepts, ideas, and images must NOT be copied from other artist’s work, from published materials downloaded from the internet, or from all other reference materials that are not owned by the participant. Intellectual Property (IP) rules for visual arts will be applied. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Submission Guidelines

Participants are required to submit their entry on or before September 19, 2021 in accordance with the following guidelines: 

Email to: philippine.pastel.artists@gmail.com

Email Subject: PPA COMPETITION 2021

I. Complete description of work which includes the following:

  1. Title:
  2. Size:
  3. Medium:
  4. Year
  5. Artist’s Name:
  6. Brief explanation of the artist’s concept of their artwork (100 words max).

II. Photos of their artwork:

1. One (1) full shot of the submitted artwork entry

2. Four (4) detailed shots on different focus areas of the final artwork

3. Participants are required to send five (5) clear photos of their work in progress from sketch to completion. Photos must show the base of the working surface (i.e. paper, board) as well as the sketch and underpainting, building up to its completion. 

4. Image guidelines: 

  • Images must be in.jpeg format
  • Required image size is at least 2000 pixels on the long side (if it is a horizontal image) or 2000 pixels tall if the artwork orientation is vertical.Files must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi and should not exceed 5MB.

  • Regular general enhancements (e.g. saturation, contrast, resize) are allowed but only to adjust the picture to represent the actual colors of the work and to make it as close as possible to the real artwork

  • Image manipulation and editing of the pictures to alter, rework, tweak or re-color the original artwork – are NOT allowed.

  • Required image size is at least 2000 pixels on the long side (if it is a horizontal image) or 2000 pixels tall if the artwork orientation is vertical.

  • Files must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi and should not exceed 5MB.

  • Regular general enhancements (e.g. saturation, contrast, resize) are allowed but only to adjust the picture to represent the actual colors of the work and to make it as close as possible to the real artwork

  • Image manipulation and editing of the pictures to alter, rework, tweak or re-color the original artwork – are NOT allowed.

Important Note

Violation of the rules will disqualify your entry. 

When the violation of the rules or any fraudulent representation is deemed to have been committed any time during the screening, judging, or after the awarding, the award received will be revoked and the prize should be returned immediately. The Philippine Pastel Artists, Inc. will not condone any act of misrepresentation committed by any person.

Selection of Finalists

1. Finalists will be informed by email on or before September 27, 2021

2. All finalists will be required to send their artworks properly labeled with artist’s name and work details (title, size in inches, medium, year) to the following address on or before October 12, 2021 to:

PPA 2021 National Pastel Competition
c/o Tessa P. Brodeth
2399 Dapdap St., United Hills Village,
Brgy. San Martin de Porres
Parañaque City 1713

3. Together with the painting, finalist will be required to submit a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and proof of Filipino nationality such as a copy of the birth certificate, passport or other documents. The COA need NOT be notarized.

4. Cost of sending their entries to PPA will be shouldered by the artist.

Due to the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, courier services and deliveries may be slower than usual. Please give ample time for the shipping of your paintings and send them as early as possible, especially if it will come from outside of Metro Manila.

5. Works should be unframed, protected by wax or glassine paper, and placed inside a tube container or any packaging that will protect the artwork. 

6. All finalists’ entries will be included in the Annual Pastel Convention & Exhibition (online)

7. All NCR-based finalists must retrieve their works after the annual convention. 

8. Finalists’ works from the provinces will be returned by PPA to the artists by courier service. PPA will shoulder courier expenses for the return of the artworks. 

9. Official announcement of winners will be held on the last day of the 6th Philippine Pastel Convention which is on October 31, 2021.

10. The artworks of the major prize winners will become the property of PPA Inc.

Criteria for Judging

Composition and Creativity: 25 %

Effectively utilizes knowledge of the artistic elements and principles of design, to effectively utilize the entire space and communicate a visual idea. 

Style and Technique: 25%

The technical rendition of the artwork that demonstrates deep understanding, effective control and mastery of the media.

Originality and Uniqueness: 25 %

Displays unusual, innovative, and novel ideas that demonstrate how the artist added their own unique approach to communicate their concept.

Visual Impact: 25 %

The overall impression that shows unique organization of art elements, content, and execution. To create a striking and memorable work, and the ability of the artwork to reveal the concept clearly.

Winners and Prizes

1st Prize
Php 35,000
Premium grade art materials

2nd Prize
Php 25,000
Premium grade art materials

3rd Prize
Php 15,000
Premium grade art materials


Certificate, art supplies and materials from sponsors

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