“Tara, mag-pastel tayo!”

The Philippine Pastel Artists, Inc. is a SEC registered organization and recognized by the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS). PPA has more than 140 artist members throughout the Philippines and there are two levels of membership: Associate and Regular Membership

Application and Renewal for Membership

Our PPA members help support and sustain the operations and activities of the organization. We value their contribution by offering the following benefits to our members:

Associate Member

The Associate membership is the ‘entry-level’ category in joining the PPA.  This is for those who are interested in learning about the PPA and for those who would like to explore the benefits of joining the PPA as a member. This is open to all pastel artists and enthusiasts coming from different skill levels starting from beginners to advance levels. It is also possible to renew as an associate member every year.

Benefits of an Associate Member:

1. Discounts in PPA Convention and other relevant events
2. Allows you to join PPA competition and regular pastel sessions with other PPA artists
3. Allows you to access the FB site for official members (Associate and Regular members)

Qualifications for Associate Membership:
1. Filipino Citizen at least 18 years of age
2. Any artist who has interest to learn and pursue pastel painting
*You may apply for Associate Membership anytime of the year

Regular Member

The Regular membership program in the PPA is open to all Associate members who are more inclined to regularly participate in the PPA’s full program activities and enjoy the benefits of being a regular PPA member. Associate member may apply for Regular membership by fulfilling the application requirements.

Benefits of a Regular Member:
1. All the benefits of an Associate Member
2. Allows you to attend special PPA activities/session exclusive for regular members
3. Allows you enter and qualify in the annual exhibitions (Juried & Non-Juried)
4. Members are allowed to display work in the gallery of artworks and may be featured as an artist in PPA Website
5. Members have voting rights in the election of officers

Qualifications for Regular Membership:
To be considered or accorded the status of regular member, Associate members must do/meet at least three (3) of the following criteria listed below:
1. Associate membership status for at least a year
2. Attended the PPA Annual Convention
3. Attended at least four (4) PPA pastel painting sessions (online activity or live session)
4. Participated in any of the PPA pastel painting competitions (National Pastel Painting
Competition, On-the-Spot Competition, etc), OR whose pastel painting/s have been accepted in the juried pastel exhibition
5. Have been selected or have received an award/recognition from a national or international competition with a juried exhibition of pastels
6. Artists whose work demonstrates an understanding of the basic principles of pastel painting and could be seriously considered for PPA Exhibitions. The artist must submit five (5) digital images of his/her artworks

Note: The artist applying for Regular Membership shall attach the proof of qualifications in the application

Schedule for the Application for Regular Membership

1st Monday of January
1st Monday of April
1st Monday of July
1st Monday of October

Your application for Regular Membership will be evaluated by the PPA Membership Committee. You will be notified by email about the PPA’s decision regarding your membership status.

Membership Fees and Payment of Dues

If you have been accepted as an Associate or Regular member, you will be billed accordingly, depending on your new membership status:
New Associate Member: Php 1.000 Application Fee
Associate Member: Php 400 Annual Due
Regular Member: Php 600 Annual Due

“Tara, mag-pastel tayo!”

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