Annual Conventions

During the 4th quarter of every year, the PPA holds its National Convention, inviting all pastel enthusiasts in the country. Artists, teachers, students, collectors, gallery curators, art suppliers and many more, come together to celebrate the pastel as a medium and its rising popularity in the world.

National Painting Competitions

The Philippine Pastel Artists prides itself in putting together the yearly National Painting Competition for pastel artists. Every year, during PPA’s National Convention, the country’s pastel artists are called to submit their finest work to showcase the best works from all over the Philippines. Top masterpieces are awarded and recognized during the Convention’s exhibit.

Pastel Painting Sessions

Monthly painting sessions are some of PPA’s continued activities for its members. We come together to paint still-life set-ups, socialize, share our painting techniques and most especially eat while we celebrate each other’s art for the day! Non-members are also welcomed to join the activity and free to discover the benefits of being PPA member.

Online Challenges

In the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, PPA moved its activities using online platforms to continue engaging its members and the pastel community. The PPA Online Challenge’s objective is to continue to inspire pastel artists to create art during the time of community quarantine and reach out to other artists in different regions of the country. 

Special Demonstrations on Pastel Styles and Techniques

Invited master pastel artists, from the Philippines and abroad, show different styles and techniques, and demonstrate their creative methodologies during these ‘Demo Sessions’. Participants get first-hand view on how master pastelists work and get intimate insights in their creative processes.


As part of our mission to increase the appreciation of the medium, the PPA invites top pastel artists (local and international) to conduct workshops for all skill levels.  We organize pastel workshops from beginner levels to intermediate and master classes. This can be done live in specific venues or online. We also collaborate with interested groups who partner with PPA to provide workshops for their own organizations. The workshops are offered to PPA members and for the interested pastel enthusiasts from all over the country.

Member’s Exhibit

The highlight of the PPA membership is to participate in its yearly member exhibit as a full-pledge pastel artist and take active part in fulfilling PPA’s vision: to promote the Filipino artist through the use of pastel as a medium for artistic expression, and to set the standards of excellence in pastel painting in the Philippines.

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