The Philippine Pastel Artists, Incorporated (PPA, Inc.) is an SEC registered, non-stock, non-profit organization for pastel artists and is a recognized member society of the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) based in the U.S.A.

Philippine Pastel Artists, Inc.

Metro Manila


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PPA’s vision is to be a premier and globally-recognized organization promoting the Filipino artist through the use of pastel as a medium for artistic expression and setting the standards of excellence in pastel painting in the Philippines.


PPA is an organization with the mission to bring together enthusiasts of pastel as a medium for drawing and painting while increasing public awareness and the appreciation of the medium. PPA Inc. seeks to unite all Filipino pastel artists through meaningful creative engagements, while serving as an avenue for the recognition of world-class pastel artists in the country

Founded in 2015, PPA has had more than 140 regular and associate members throughout the Philippines. It has year-round activities for its members which include monthly painting sessions, workshops, art demos, national painting competitions and member exhibits.  On the 4th quarter of the year, PPA brings together all the pastel artists in the Philippines for our yearly National Convention.

Learn more about the International Association of Pastel Artists by clicking here for the IAPS website

The International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) was founded in 1994 as a non-profit organization representing pastel societies worldwide uniting in the common cause to demonstrate the validity and quality of pastel fine art. This coming together of pastel societies provides a strong voice for pastel artists and the luminous medium of pastel. The foundation of IAPS is based on networking and sharing. Individual artists benefit and expand their knowledge through the IAPS Member Society of their choice. 

Our History

The Philippine Pastel Artists, Incorporated (PPA Inc.) was founded by pastel artists, Julius Legaspi and Alvin Montano, both of whom were schooled at UP College of Fine Arts, and by renowned artist, Fernando Sena. It has been Legaspi’s long-time dream of to establish a pastel group. This dream came to fruition when he was reunited with Montano after college, who incidentally shared the same vision.

Together with other artist friends, art students, and a varied mix of hobbyists and enthusiasts, the group held their first session at Harbor Square at Roxas Boulevard on August 2015. This event led to the formal introduction of Philippine Pastel Artists, which was then known as a Facebook group: “Tara Mag Pastel Tayo”. Since then, PPA Inc. has made significant contributions to the art community as the only exclusive pastel group in the Philippines. 

Our Organization

As an SEC-registered organization, the Philippines Pastel Artists, Inc. is led by a Board of Trustees and the current set of Officers. 

All Officers, Board Members, Advisors, and Committee Chairs are volunteers. The Board of Trustees meets twice a year in June and December. At these meetings, they vote on specific matters as outlined in the PPA, Inc. By-Laws, and are available to advise the current set of officers. The Board of Trustees is consulted throughout the year, as necessary. 

Executive Committee

President: Grandier Gil Bella
Vice President, Internal: Yolanda Batara
Vice President, External: Roberto Martin Sing
Secretary: Luisa Bayot
Treasurer: Aizza Mapanao-Allid

Board of Trustees

Chairman: Alvin Montano
Julius Legaspi
Glenn Perez
Roland Castro
Tessa Punzalan-Brodeth
Iris Babao-Uy
Nell Belgado
Grandier Gil Bella
Roberto Martin Sing

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