2022 National Pastel Competition

Competition Guidelines and Requirements


This competition is open to all Filipino Citizen artists 18 years of age & above. Filipino Citizen artists working or residing abroad are welcome to join the competition.

Only Official Members (Associate and Regular) are allowed to enter the competition. To apply for membership, please visit our membership page: https://philippinepastelartists.com/membership/

Please ensure your membership is up to date. Members in good standing as of September 18, 2022 are eligible to join the competition.


Submission Deadline is on September 18, 2022 at 11:59 PM (2359H) Philippine time.

Entry should be submitted to: ppa.competition.2022@gmail.com


  1. The competition has an “open theme” subject (no theme). The artwork may be expressed using representational and non-representational means. Representational depict recognizable objects or events in the real world, usually easily recognizable. Non-representational is abstract, nonfigurative, and nonobjective.
  2. Only one entry per participant will be accepted.
  3. Entries should have been recently painted in the current year (2022), unsigned, and have NOT been posted on any social media site, nor submitted into any exhibitions (virtual or physical).
  4. Entries must have the minimum size of 18 x 24 inches & maximum size of 20 x 26 inches. Sizes in-between the minimum & maximum sizes are acceptable.

    Painting orientation may be in portrait format (vertical) or landscape format (horizontal) or square format.
  1. Entries must be done in the following media only: hard or soft pastel, pastel pencil, chalk pastel, pan pastel, and oil pastel used on appropriate pastel surfaces such as paper, board, or sanded paper (e.g. UART, Canson Mi-Teintes, Strathmore Grandee, Fabriano Tiziano, etc.), canvas board, stretched canvas, or aluminum composite panel.
  2. The work’s final surface should have a minimum coverage of 75% pastel. Works that show the paper ground (background) are accepted.
  3. Underpainting using watercolor, ink, or any other media aside from pastel is NOT accepted. Experimental media and the use of soot is also NOT accepted.
  4. All entries must be originally rendered in pastel and not applied on top of a base photo, print, collage, or any other special medium.
  5. Entries must be original. Concepts, ideas, and images must NOT be copied from other artists’ work, from published materials downloaded from the internet, or from all other reference materials that are not owned by the participant. Intellectual Property (IP) rules for visual arts will be applied. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.


A marginal Competition Entry Fee of P300 will be collected and paid on or before September 18, 2022.

  • All submitted entries will be featured on the 2022 PPA National Competition web page.
  • All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.
  • All Finalists’ works will be exhibited during the National Convention.
  • Payment Deposit:
    BDO Account Name: Philippine Pastel Artists, Inc.
    Current Account Acct #: 002568021346
    Branch: Timog Victoria Towers

    BPI Account Name: Grandier Gil Bella
    Savings Account Acct #: 4429115561
    Branch: Roosevelt

    GCash Account Name: Grandier Gil Bella
    GCash #: 09758879651


Participants are required to submit their entry on or before September 18, 2022 in accordance with the following guidelines:
Email to: ppa.competition.2022@gmail.com
Email Subject: PPA Competition 2022

I. Complete description of work with the following:

  • Title:
  • Size*:
  • Medium:
  • Year
  • Artist’s Name:
  • Brief explanation of the artist’s concept of their artwork (100 words max).

    * Size should be indicated as height x width in inches. Landscape orientation is stated as 20 x 26 inches, while portrait orientation is 26 x 20 inches.

II. Photos of artwork:

  1. One (1) full shot of the submitted artwork entry
  2. Four (4) detailed shots of different areas of the final artwork
  3. Participants are required to send four (4) clear photos of their work in progress from the initial drawing/sketch to the final output. Photos must show the base of the working surface (e.g. paper, board, canvas) as well as the sketch and initial color block-in, building up to its completion.
  4. Reference photo. This is the original reference photo or composite layout on which your work is based.
  5. Image guidelines
  • Images must be in JPEG format.
  • Required image size is at least 2000 pixels on the longest side (e.g. 2000 pixels width for landscape orientation, 2000 pixels height for portrait orientation).
  • Files must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and a file size not exceeding 5MB.
  • The file name should be written as: Artist-Name_Title_Size
    (i.e. Juan-dela-Cruz_This-is-my-Title_25x19.jpg).

Regular, global digital enhancements (e.g. saturation, contrast, resize) are allowed, but only to adjust the picture to represent the actual colors of the work and to make it as close as possible to the actual artwork.

Image manipulation and editing of the pictures to alter, re-work, tweak, or re-color the original artwork are NOT allowed.

Important Note

Violation of the rules will disqualify your entry.

When the violation of the rules or any fraudulent representation is deemed to have been committed any time during the screening, judging, or after the awarding, the award received will be revoked and the prize should be returned immediately. The Philippine Pastel Artists, Inc. will not condone any act of misrepresentation committed by any person.


  1. Twenty (20) Finalists will be selected and will be informed by email on or before September 28, 2022. Finalists may now sign their works.
  2. All Finalists will be required to send their artworks properly labeled with the artist’s name and work details (title, size in inches, medium, year) to the following address on or before October 19, 2022 to:

    PPA 2022 National Pastel Competition
    c/o Grandier Gil Bella
    43 Morato Street, Brgy Damayan,
    San Francisco del Monte
    Quezon City 1104
  1. Together with the painting, the Finalist will be required to submit a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and proof of Filipino nationality such as a copy of the birth certificate, passport, or other documents. The COA need NOT be notarized.
  2. The Finalists shall shoulder the cost of delivering entries to PPA.
    Please plan and give ample time for the shipping of the painting. Send them as early as possible, especially if coming from outside NCR.
  1. Finalists’ works coming from NCR should be framed and ready for hanging.

    Finalists from outside NCR may choose to submit their works unframed. Unframed works should be protected by wax or glassine paper, and placed inside a tube container or flat packaging that guarantees protection of the artwork. Works that will be framed by PPA shall be shouldered by the Finalist at cost.
  1. All Finalists’ entries will be exhibited at the 7th Philippine Pastel National Convention. The official announcement of the winners will be at the 7th Philippine Pastel National Convention at the GSIS Museo ng Sining on October 29, 2022 at 5:00 PM.
  2. The artworks of the major prize winners will become the property of PPA, Inc.


Composition and Creativity: 25 %

Effectively utilizes knowledge of the artistic elements and principles of design, to effectively utilize the entire space and communicate a visual idea. 

Style and Technique: 25%

The technical rendition of the artwork that demonstrates deep understanding, effective control, and mastery of the media.

Originality and Uniqueness: 25 %

Displays unusual, innovative, and novel ideas that demonstrate how the artist added their own unique approach to communicate their concept.

Visual Impact: 25 %

The overall impression that shows unique organization of art elements, content, and execution. To create a striking and memorable work, and the ability of the artwork to reveal the concept clearly.


In determining the competency of the artists’ entries under the stated Judging Criteria, all submissions will be evaluated by a panel of five jurors appointed by PPA, who are respected leaders in their field, and knowledgeable of the art profession. They shall determine the outcome of this competition. The jurors’ decision is final and irrevocable.


Php 35,000
Premium grade art materials
Entry Fee Sponsorship to any international pastel competition

Php 25,000
Premium grade art materials
Entry Fee Sponsorship to any international pastel competition

Php 15,000
Premium grade art materials
Entry Fee Sponsorship to any international pastel competition

Certificate of Recognition, art supplies, and materials from sponsors

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