4th National Pastel Competition

The PPA is proud to present the
Winner of the 4th National Pastel Competition

‘Artist’s Haven’ by Romeo Cortez

My interpretation of personal paradise in my artwork is “a safe place where I can be with my family”. A place where we can bond and do what we love to do, teach my passion, and enjoy each other’s company. My studio is simple and have no rules as long as I can be with my family, then it’s my Personal Paradise. 

Romeo Cortez

The Second Place Winner is

‘Kape at Pusa’ by Genesis Dador

A ‘Personal Paradise’ is a place where one feels happiness, contentment and peace. In this time of global pandemic, paradise has become a state of mind. For me, being in a place where the things that bring me to paradise are my cats and someone to share coffee with on a lazy afternoon in the simplicity of our home. 

“Pusa at Kape” shows cats enjoying an afternoon siesta in the presence of their humans as depicted by the two pairs of slippers while they enjoy coffee. In a way, the cats are symbols of peace and contentment. The pair of cups symbolize companionship while the pairs of slippers and wooden chairs stand for the simplicity of life. The plant thriving in a vase of water is the illustration of how we are in the “new normal”, confined inside a small space but safely placed inside our homes. The bright window shows that outside there is life but for now, we find solace in what we can enjoy and what is essential.

Genesis Dador

The Third Place Winner is

‘Senyor Plantito’s Musical Extravaganza’ by Darrel Nonato

In this trying time, it’s important that we should have our own personal paradise that will keep our mind and soul healthy and sane. This piece is about what keeps my mind healthy amid this pandemic crisis, by rekindling my passion in music after a long hiatus of being a musician, and exploring a new hobby by cultivating plants, hence being a “Plantito”. All these activities, besides being more productive in making art, keeps me away from anxieties and maintaining a healthy and sound state of mind.

Darrel Nonato

Winner of the Special Award from the Sponsors is

‘Family Bonding’ by Brian Alegre

My painting depicts my own rendition of “my happy place” -MY FAMILY. Honestly speaking, I never had a quality time with my wife and kids.. until this pandemic arrived in our lives… I stayed at home with them most of the time now and I realized this pandemic has it’s own BRIGHT SIDE in terms of spending quality time with your love ones.

Brian Alegre

The following entries have received the

Honorable Mention Award

Madeleine Vinuya

Skies and Fields: there’s no place like home
Soft Pastel

Urban living is petrifying in times of pandemic. In such dire moments, the typical probinsiyana would say, “I want to go home” just as Bubba cries in the movie Forrest Gump, when he grappled with his own life in a foreign battlefield. Our rice fields remind us of joy and safety, akin to the comfort of a mother’s nurturing embrace. This painting is an experiential view of our backyard, an allegory of our resting place (earth) and our divine sanctuary (sky). Here, we contemplate life, amidst COVID- 19. Join me, as I sit before my tsinelas, enveloped in this personal paradise.

Joseph Reyes
Taguig City
Soft Pastel

A paradise for me is a place where you can hold your head up high, spread your wings freely, be a king in your own world without being subjected to the judgment of others. Paradise is about living free and in harmony with your peers. I chose this subject to represent my idea because the scene struck me when I saw how these massive birds proudly spread their wings and enjoy their surroundings, and seemingly unaware that they’re in a Bangkok Safari zoo, but in their own paradise instead.

Roberto Martin Sing
Mandaluyong City
Anywhere, Forever
Oil Pastel

Where the milky way never leaves the sky
Where twilights are eternal
Where the rural and urban intertwine in harmony
Where islands have made a deal with gravity
Where the vintage becomes modern

A place of never-ending fantasy
That I bring wherever I go
Where I can always be with the one I love
For all time and eternity
A place that only we know

Melquiades Camarines
Bacolod City
Soft Pastel

I want to live in a quiet place. I would like to live far away from civilization. Living in a house made of logs, that is cool and comfortable. The water surrounds the house.

I want to live every day doing something.  I myself hunt, go fishing, and pick fruits, and have vegetables to eat every day. And paint using two of my best mediums (oil paint and pastel) every day.

Living in a disconnected area is like living in a paradise, a place to call home.

William Dorado
Paraiso Ko’y Parisukat
Oil Pastel

Ang Paraiso ay isang imaginasyon na maituturing sa bawat isa sa atin, maganda’t, kaaya-aya at luntian. Sa Paraiso’y may galak at kasiyahan, malayang kaisipan. Sa paraiso’y salat sa likas na yaman, lupa, tubig, bundok, lambak, puno, hayop, halaman. Yan lamang ang nakapaloob sa akala nating Paraiso.

Sa aking Paraiso’y masasabi kong isang tahanan ng mga mortal na may sulok at sukat at may pakahulugan. Sa bawat sulok may isang mabuti, may isang tuso, may isang manlilinlang. 

Paraiso ko’y di hango sa imahinasyon. Paraiso ko’y modernong panahon.

Aizza Joy Mapanao – Allid
At the Bend
Soft Pastel

On top of the world…
Playing my favorite guitar…

This is what I consider my “Personal Paradise”. Reminiscing a vacation I had a few years back, this is the perfect spot I want to be over and over again. Amidst the pandemic and travel restrictions, we can always find a way to find serenity thru our vast imaginations.

Daryl Carabio
Cebu City
Glowing Door
Soft Pastel

The gateway that can take us anywhere without masks, face shields, check points and travel restrictions no matter how uncertain and dark these times are. We can also get to spend some time in places where for a second, we forget that we are in a pandemic and just enjoy the things we see. One of the best destination though, if not the best, is where you are brought face to face to your dearly missed loved ones.

Doy Kastilyo
Bauan, Batangas
Oil Pastel

Ang isang masaya at makulay na buhay ay kung saan konektado ang malayang kaisipan,mapagmahal na puso at malikhaing kamay sa mundo o kapaligiran na aking ginagalawan.Para sakin ang tunay na kasayahan ay dapat nagmumula sa kalooban dahil ito lang ang kontrolado ko.Mas makakapagpasaya sakin ang mga bagay na hindi nakikita ngunit mahalaga katulad mga pangarap,pag ibig at pag asa.Kapag masaya ang aking isip,puso at kamay  ay konektado na ako sa aking paraiso.

Patrick Francis Miemban
Lights of Freedom
Soft Pastel

The SKULL signifies head without the brain. Life is a complex challenging journey. A day break letting our mind free from uncertainties and fears give us relief and peace. Skull is a bone. Bones are strong. Identical to personal aspirations, that drives someone to neve stop attaining their goals.

CANDLE delivers relaxation in mind and body. CANDLE LIGHTS represent HOPE. Whatever we do, do it with dedication, perserverance and prayer.

MOREOEVER, it indicates eternal life which is the real paradise. The life with our creator, the place where we can have the genuine happiness and peace, in heaven.

Robert Deniega
Cebu City
At My Workroom
Soft Pastel

Every artist has a personal paradise, with him there are paints, brushes, references, rough sketches, drawings and other painting materials are part of artist’s everyday experiences. in this subject I’m trying to depict that the viewer is in my workroom. 

The entry is actual part my workroom and its really my paradise, this is where I spend most of my time. I do rough sketches and drawing before putting it to final artwork.

The Semi-Finalists

Jan Karlo Cortez
Quezon City
Tangandan Trail
Oil Pastel

Before covid hit the country and the world, I have always been fond of going outdoors for a hike and if conditions permit, I would even go for a swim especially in these cold waters during summer. This has become almost a ritual for me, as it never fails to help me relax and recharge my mind and well-being before going back to work.

Nico Valdueza
Davao City
God’s Creation
Soft Pastel

This is the beginning of my personal paradise. The sunflower stands for God and the bee stands for me. God wanted me to spread his name by putting his seeds to the other place and to make more of his kind. That is his happiness; in return he will give me his reward, the nectar or food so that I can feed my family now and we do that every day. In real life we are nothing without God.

Ferdinand Magsino
Binan City, Laguna
Childhood Memories
Soft Pastel

All of us had happy memories that we can ever consider the treasure of our being. Again and again we bring it back especially with our loved ones and friends. Here in my visual, in my mind are the memories of happy moment when I was young. I know it can’t be returned so I just have to bring it back. I can consider these things a paradise and a reminder of the happy past during my youth. When I look back at a place in my mind I remember my playmates back then where our favorite game was the hide and seek. It can be seen here that I am the seeker on that game. I just smile when I return to the vigor of childhood that is fun, agile, strong, playful and has no problem in life.      

Marj Sula-Aquino
Cainta, Rizal
Afternoon Delight
Soft Pastel

In dreams, dolls often appear as a representation of ourselves. This painting is a glimpse of my design aesthetic, featuring objects that I have found hard to resist when shopping and bargain- hunting. Each addition to my collection, when associated with people, places, and events, translates my home into a visual spectrum of interest and delight for me. 

Here I am lounging around. Welcome to my happy place!

Ferdinand Leonardo Capistrano
Cubao, QC
Lakbay Diwa
Soft Pastel

Para sa akin, “Personal Paradise” ay isang kalalagayan kung saan gumagawa ako ng sarili kong mundo o kapaligiran na naaayon sa aking pandama at bumubuo ako sa aking kaisipan ng isang lugar na nagsisilbing “comfort zone”, na dito umiikot at nangyayari ang lahat habang ginagawa ko ang isang bagay na nakakapagpaligaya sa akin. Hindi ko namamalayan ang gutom, ang pagod, at ang paglipas ng oras. Walang pakialam sa ingay sa paligid, may sariling musika na nagpapakalma kahit nagkakagulo na ang mga tao sa iyong paligid.

Ako ang may hawak ng oras, ng mga pangyayari at kung saang lugar ko gustong paglakbayin ang aking diwa hanggang sa makarating ako sa pinakaaasam kong paraiso.

Meljan Albert Cabagay
Pandacan, Manila
Soft Pastel

Personal paradise is where we can live peacefully with a presence of unconditional love from our family and friends. During the times of pandemic, only our family and friends are the ones we can hold on to in facing challenges with courage. Thus, a mother’s love seen in the artwork shows how genuine happiness can be. That is why for me as an artist, it is truly a paradise having my family specially my mom being at my back supporting me all the time. 

Geofrey Allan Diezma
Tungko, Bulacan
Mask Off
Oil Pastel

A perfect paradise is a place where we are really showing our true selves, our identity without mask. Imagine a world were we are all expressing what we truly feel and doing what we really love, without thinking about what the others will say and think about us. Also, during this pandemic, the only paradise that I’m dreaming is where we are not required to wear face masks, were there is no such thing as this covid19.

Ritzel Nami
Ozamiz City
Soft Pastel

My passion for painting merely started as a hobby when I was a kid, with my cat calmly resting by my side. Unconsciously, while growing up, I wasn’t only habituated to draw, I ardently made it a part of my daily routine, still with the company of my cat. When we constantly endeavor what we love to do, without us noticing it, it builds up a mountain of tasks seemed efforlessly accomplished, encapsulates us with rewards of fulfillment, joy, happiness and we become the person that we strived to be.

Now, I’m a wife, a mother and an artist who finds solace in painting. It’s me and my cat’s dwelling ground, our comfort zone, our HAVEN.

Don Alarcon Balderama
Pilegues De Papel (Paper Folds)
Oil Pastel

Ang personal Kong paraiso ay Hindi isang lugar kundi isang estado o kalagayan na Kung saan ay makakahinga Ka Ng maluwag, may sapat na pananalapi para maitaguyod ang sarili at ang pamilya, nagagawang abutin ang mga mithiin at pangarap sa buhay kahit na ito’y mahirap, at mamuhay Ng mapayapa at may takot SA Diyos. Simpleng mga bagay Pero para sa akin, Ito ang maituturing Kong paraiso.

Nathalie Belle Osma
Rodriguez, Rizal
Fancy Wing in the Making
Oil Pastel and Soft Pastel

This artwork, fused in fantasy and reality that expresses optimism particularly about imagination that liberates the soul and encourages people’s minds to fly. I make art for one simple reason. I want to express myself, I want to show them what’s going on with my mind. In that way, I communicate with people, these basic raw materials that I develop, turns in to a new form that speaks for me, you don’t even have to put words on it. Fragmented thoughts and emotions bring it all together, the desire to be succinctly understood, magically happens when I make art. My imagination is my paradise that build bridges towards people.

The Philippine Pastel Artists, Inc. would like to thank our jury of esteemed judges for the 4th National Pastel Competition.

Mr. Ross Capili

Mr. Romulo Galicano

Mr. Gari Apolonio

Mr. Raul Isidro

Mr. Fernando Sena

All paintings were photographed and routed for the judges’ viewing when the quarantine restrictions allowed.

Winners of the 4th National Pastel Competition were announced on Nov 29 at 3pm during the 5th Pastel Convention.

To learn more about the Convention, click here:



  1. Style and Technique: 25%

The technical rendition of the artwork that demonstrates deep understanding, effective control and mastery of the media.

  1. Composition and Creativity: 25 %

Effectively utilizes knowledge of the artistic elements and principles of design, to effectively utilize the entire space and communicate a visual idea. 

  1. Originality and Uniqueness: 25 %

Displays unusual, innovative, and novel ideas that demonstrate how the artist added their own unique approach to communicate their concept.

  1. Visual Impact: 25 %

The overall impression that shows unique organization of art elements, content, and execution. To create a striking and memorable work, and the ability of the artwork to reveal the theme clearly – its idea of a “Personal Paradise”. 


There will be 3 major prizes (1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place) and 10 Honorable Mention Awards. We will also have a Special Award from our Sponsors.

All winners and honorable mention winners will be given a certificate.

1st Place
Php 35,000
Premium grade art materials
Pastel Box

2nd Place
Php 25,000
Premium grade art materials
Pastel Box

3rd Place
Php 15,000
Premium grade art materials
Pastel Box


Certificate, art supplies and materials from sponsors

For further inquiries, email PPA 


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